Amount of cash in mth/mth report

Hi all,

We are trying to create a mth over mth report (combining budget and actuals) of the P&L. When we try to combine the cash amount, “cash beginning” and “cash end” per period.

Cash beginning:
{% assign beginkassaldo = period.minus_1p.accounts.55+period.minus_1p.accounts.57+period.minus_1p.accounts.58 %}
{% result ‘BEGINKASSALDO’ beginkassaldo %}

Yet, when showing a month over month report the first period of the fiscal year this code get the correct result, the following periods are not correct because this only shows the varriantions on these accounts.

Is their a way to make a code which always shows the YTD numbers in stead of the variances?


Hi @JonasVanGyseghem,

Are you trying to create this mth over mth report in a reconciliation template or in an actual report? In the reports you have the option to show YTD, PTD or RYTD. You can find some more information about these options her on our help pages: PTD, YTD en RYTD: wat betekent dit? - Silverfin Help BE (nl)

I was trying out the piece of code above in a text document in a monthly file with following transactions:

Opening value: 27.550
February transactions: 27.550 - end value 55.100
March transactions: 27.550 - end value 82.650

In the March period period.minus_1p.accounts.55 equalled to 55.100, so the YTD numbers like you were expecting it. Can you give some more details on what you are getting and how it is different to what you would want to see so we can look into it further if needed?

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Hi @Kimberly_Vlietinck

We ar trying to create a report. Because we want to show the PTD numbers of the revenue and costs, the RYTD isn’t an option here.

To counter this I made a template where I programmed the code but when showing this in the PTD collumns it only shows the variations during this Period.

In the screen below “eind kassaldo” (PTD 30/04/2021) should be the amount that appears in “begin kassaldo” (PTD 31/05/2021). But starting with the 2nd period of the FY he startst to show the variations.

Can we counter this with an other code? period.minus_1p but YTD then?


Hi @JonasVanGyseghem

Could you send this over to our helpdesk because it’s related to the report? Our product expert can then have a look at your usecase to have a combination of PTD and YTD.

The helpdesk is through our chat or through

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Hi @Kimberly_Vlietinck ,

I sended the request to the support desk.

The report does need to be all PTD collums, because all other values need to be the PTD values. That’s why I tought, I needed to make a change to my result tag so that I can show the YTD values with my result tag.

Nevertheless I look forward to the answer of Support.