API - adding start period


Via the API we can set the end date (year_end when creating a company & end_date when adding a period). But can we also create the first period with the API when setting up a client?
Let’s say we want to create a new client via the API and directly add the first period (ex. 01/04/2022 to 31/12/2023 - extended accounting year) with several flows via the API as well.

We currently don’t see this option to set a start_date in the Silverfin API documentation, so we guess it isn’t possible (yet)?

Can you help us?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Jelle,

Would this be an empty period or would the flow include already trial balance data for this first period?

It is possible to create periods on a newly created client file, using this endpoint:


If I create a client file with end_date 31-03-2022 and afterwards create a new period with end_date set to 31-12-2023, this will result in the following periods to be created in Silverfin:

As you can see, this one will not allow you to create extended bookyears and will follow the same year_end as indicated in the creation of the client file itself.

I’ll investigate internally if we can add a feature to this endpoint to allow for extended bookyears to be created. But at this time, this can only be amended manually in the Silverfin UI.

Ok thank you for your answer.

We hope it can be built in the future :slight_smile:

Kind regards