Chart bank balance


Is it possible to obtain a graph with the following figures:

I made a template cashflow with in the first column the actual bank balance on June 30th = 39.346 EUR.
The following columns give the budgeted cash flow for the month, i.e. the fluctuation, not the budgeted bank balance.

For exemple:
First column = actual bank balance = 39.346
showing in column July 31th = -5.694 EUR (= fluctuation)
showing in column August 31th = +1.972 (= fluctuation)

How can I make a chart with :
bank balance June 30th = 39.346 EUR
bank balance July 31th = 33.652 EUR
bank balance August 30th = 35.624 EUR
and so on …

Thank you!

Hi @Ellen_ORF,

it’s not possible to create charts in a reconciliation text. You can make charts based on your financial data in the reports section. More information on that can be found here.

Kind regards,