Create new mail with hyperlink


I know that we can create a link to a website with Silverfin.

Is it also possible to create a link so that automatically an emails opens with an mailaddress in the to field and a predefined subject?

How can I code such a link?



Dear @marnixcoudre,

It is possible to use the following code:

[{% t "Contact me" %}](

However what I would like to introduce was the same code but were the contactadress becomes a variable. Does anyone else on this community has an idea?

Kind regards,


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Seems a bit strange to reply to a 3 year old topic, but does anyone know why this code example is no longer functioning? If I use the code, but containing a URL it works fine, but with a mailto is does not provide a functioning link.

HI @ronald_groot_RSF, there is no problem in replying to a 3 year old topic if needed and helps to clarify something. :wink:

Actually we don’t currently support those kind of contact links inside Silverfin templates and we encourage everyone to use Silverfin Interact for any communication that has to be done (as long as it would possible for that particular case).

May I ask you why are you trying to add a contact form like this in your code? Which would be the particular use-case?

Hi @agustin,

Thanks for replying. We are currently setting up a template for unspecified posts. We are using transaction data from the financial system to create a table in Silverfin with items that need clarification or some form of document like a receipt or invoice. We would use interact to ask to our client to look at each post and take the correct action.

We are using a program called Basecone to add receipts and invoices to the financial backoffice (in this case Exact online). The easiest way do deliver these documents is by e-mail, so what I would like to do is give the clienta mailto link with the mailadres of basecone, and a subject line with a reference to the unspecified post.

So it’s not really a contact form, but I thought I could use this code as a starting point.