Creating Hypertex within an infotext as hover


I am trying to create a hypertext within a Infotext setup to hover.

{% ic %}
{::infotext as=“hover”}
{% t "Enter this date on the " %} {% linkto period.reconciliations.exist_eng_cont %}{% t “R1-20 Acceptance and continuance” %}{% endlinkto %}.
{% endic %}

The code above works when as=“hover” option is not used, so just wondering it there is an option to create a infotext as hover to contain a link




Hi @dominic , and welcome to the Silverfin Community! :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, it is not possible at the moment to create a link inside a hover infotext.

Also, as it is defined in our UX guidelines, we try to encourage developers to use a fixed infotext when one link to other template is needed to be shown.

Thanks Agustin! I will use the fixed infotext for this.