Customize Bedrijfsparameters / Verslag AV


I’m adapting the Verslag AV with 2 fields ‘Voorzitter’ and “Secretaris”

I was trying to make a custom Variable that I can use in other templates.
I found in the training the custom.some.thing and believe that I can use it here.

# Samenstelling van het bureau
Voorzitter : {% input %}

Now is the question, how do i call the new variable in the template AV?

Kind regards

Hello @Sven.G,

You can call it anything, as long as you respect the company.custom part.

For instance {{ company.custom.av.voorzitter }}

If you use this however :

{{ }}

you are using our own variable (the one that is used in “voorbereidend verslag” ).

So, if you do the following in your own custom made template :

{% input %} it will show you the input you did in report “voorbereidend verslag AV”. You can overwrite it in your own custom made report, but beware, that you are going to overwrite the value everywhere else to, where it’s used.