Export all options from tempalte


I am interested in extracting a complete skeleton structure of all questions from a custom template .
Could you please advise me on how I can achieve this ?

The template from where I want to extract the structure from, provide different set of question based on what I input before. I want to export all options I have in my template regardless of any input. (I want to see all options/sections listed).

Thank you,

Hi Stefan,

What you are trying to achieve here is creating an export that shows every input field defined, am I right? I assume that you are using this input fields as conditions in different “IF” statements, which are the ones showing or hiding you questions right now.

One thing you could do is define a new variable ( for example "show_all" ) and include that variable in every IF statement that you currently have for each question or section.

So, now you have:

{% if "condition" %}

You would replace it for:

{% if "condition" or show_all %}

That way, using that variable and assigning it to show_all = true or show_all = false you could display all the questions you have.
You could also decide if you use this variable only for testing purposes (leaving the variable defined in the code to false won’t affect the normal behavior of your template and users won’t be able to interact with it) or if you want this to be accessible from the template input view itself (for example, with a boolean).

I hope this is inline with what you are trying to achieve! Since It is hard to give you a proper suggestion without taking a look at how your code is currently structured.


Thank you,

I will try to do this next week.

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