Extra data from Adsolut

Hi there,

How can I get extra data from Adsolut?

Problem: in the template ‘bedrijfsparameters’ (not the version from Silverfin, but one we adapted to suit our internal needs), you get an overview of all shareholders and directors. I’d like to add an extra data point that indicates whether a shareholder is a physical person (‘natuurlijk persoon’) or a company (‘rechtspersoon’); this is indicated in the field ‘relatype_relatype’ (table ‘relaties’).

Is this data point synched from Adsolut and - if yes - how can I add this data point to my template?


Hello @Bart_Verhaeghe,

Does Adsolut share their data through API? I thought not, but could be mistaken of course…

PS your data from Adsolut is read by our on premise sync (not an API sync) of Adsolut. And we do not sync that specific data (physical person or not).

You could however build logic in your template, and (for instance) say that if the VAT-number is blank or missing from the person, it’s a physical person. But that’s Liquid of course, and not related to API.

Hope this helps you further