Display clients company number and VAT number in the template

Hi there,

We want to use company number and VAT number as a separate numbers. However in the Silverfin in company details there is a field Company number which in the templates is recognized by the code: vat_identifier.
How can I set up a client with company number (possibly File number field?) and VAT number (Company number field) separately?


Hello @Ugis,

In BE both company number and VAT number is the same. That is the reasoning behind it.

For now, it’s not possible to create custom fields in the company drop like {{ company.custom.number }} (is on our roadmap however), unless you create it anywhere else like a custom-object in the company-drop.

For instance :

{% input company.custom.comp.number %} 

Hope we don’t disappoint here! So you could create a whole separate template that generates just those custom objects in the company-drop

Thanks @sven ,

You do not disappoint here :slight_smile: .
Its good to know what SF is capable of and that it is improving.

Thanks for the suggestion.

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Hi Sven,

Is it already possible to show the company id (meaning the internal id that is taken from Adsolut) for a given company?

This would really be useful as we sometimes have two companies having the same name (double entries probably). This ID would be a useful way to know where to change the data in Adsolut.


Hi @Bart_Verhaeghe,

That’s already possible with {{ company.file_code }} (that’s linked to the field relation.code from Adsolut admin sync.

OK Thanks very much Sir!