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Our filter in Insights concerning the completion % acts weird.

We have a total of 82 entities but Insights gives only 8 companies for november. When we look at these seperately, the percentage is less then 100%.

It works perfect for the other months.



I don’t fully understand your question.
What behavior do you expect?

Kind regards

Hi Sam

Normally we get a list of our companies with the % of completion.
(to do , explanation accounts)

But if we run it for november - it only shows 8 companies - but we are still in full closing so - there are no companies with an 100% completion rate. So normally it has to show all the companies - which it does for the period december.

It is difficult to explain but it seems Insights can’t find the information over november 2018.

After an extra check I saw that the completion rate in insights is not correct.
For the most of the companies it shows an completion rate of 100% but in the file itself stands 30% or less.


In the database of the company - its fetching wrong data



Hi @MID,

We are investigating this behaviour in more detail. I hope to give you more information today

thx Sven



This is something we’ll fix in the background.

I keep you posted as soon this is deployed.


Could you check again please? If everything is as expected?

Hi Sven

It is still the same - a lot of companies are 100% for november.



Could you give me some examples of companies that definitely should be in the list @MID?

Sorry for the back-and-forth

(PS the completion of ledgers is re-calculated every hour for Insights automatically, but I don’t think it can be related to that - just FYI)

HI @sven

When I look at the companies there are still a lot of them with an 100% rate.

See below.



We need to fix this; as you’ve noticed, there’s an issue with it.

I’ve informed our developers to fix this ASAP.

Sorry for any inconvenience


Thx !