Handle for codes 1871 --> 1874


Is it possible to list all the companies where the codes 1871 --> 1874 are completed in the ‘Visualisatie aangifte’ / ‘Algemene bedrijfsgegevens’? I cannot find the handle i need to use.

Hi @sylvia.debaeremaeker,

These numbers are coming from template general company details with handle 2018_company_specifics.

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Hi Michiel

Do you also happen to know the result tags?
From the list i see under 2018_company_specifics, i have no idea which one to use.


Hi @sylvia.debaeremaeker

The result-tags or variables that you would need in this case are the following ones:

1871 - relatedcompanies.select
1872 - annual_workforce
1873 - annual_turnover
1874 - balance_sheet_total

You would need to select the template ‘General company details’ (or ‘Algemene bedrijfsgegevens’) which is where this result-tags are created.

For code 1871 you can set it to “contains True”. The others, will have numeric values to compare with.
I leave you next a screenshoot as an example for the code 1871.

Screenshot 2020-01-30 at 13.56.48

I hope this help you get the insights you were looking for.

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