Footer & header always in portrait mode


I would like to always keep the footer and header in portrait. This means when a page is in landscape the header and footer should be in portrait.

I added 2 pictures (both in landscape) to clarify my question
Left: how it is now
Right: how I would like it to be

Is there a way I can achive this by changing the Liquid code or a specific setting?

Thanks in advance!

Hello @EwoutR ,

Thanks for your question!

Had to read it a couple of times before I understood what you meant, have to be honest here :sweat_smile: but your printscreen definitely helped to understand it.

Unfortunately the result you are after is not possible in Silverfin currently. We can add it to our product backlog to see if this request already came in. If so, we can perhaps investigate to support it at some point in the future.

Sorry this probably wasn’t the answer you were looking for.

We’ll keep you updated though!

Kind regards,