Get stored value from tax module

I want to get the value that is stored in the tax module (“Algemene Bedrijfsparameters”). I know you can get some info with the ‘Results’ method, but this is more for calculations that are made in the template and is then accessible in other templates and also this has to been available from the template self. Because this is not available with the results method, I would read the value directly from the database. Is this possible?

The value where I’m looking for is the value that indicate if the company is small or not for fiscal purposes:

If someone could give me the then I can go further.

PS: It would be a big help if there is a place where you can see all the stored values in a template (maybe an extra option in the debug-mode of the template)

Hi Peter

Thanks for your question.

Please try

{{ period.reconciliations.2018_company_specifics.custom.rates.small_company }}

Thanks a lot Jelena.