HTML tables not appearing in PDF export


I was happy to see HTML-tables being added to template-language, but when I tried using it, they disappeared in the PDF-exports.

To make sure I wasn’t using invalid code, I copy&pasted the example code from the documentation, but that table disappeared as well.

Is HTML-table support being rolled out to selected customers? Or is it available for everyone? Or should it be enabled in a setting?

With friendly regards,

PS: Thanks for adding HTML-tables!

Hi @Panagiotis_Issaris ,

I’m glad you are quick to catch upon our updated documentation :ok_hand:
However, the activation for HTML tables for everyone still has to be done; as soon as we have activated this feature for everyone, we’ll inform you through our newsletter and some cases on the Community.

Sorry if we have misled you with the documentation on the developer site; thought we would’ve released it by now…

Hi Sven,

No problem, in my enthusiasm I started using it right away leading to complaints of my customers due to missing tables in the PDF exports. But, I reverted the changes, and will wait until it is officially released.

With friendly regards,

Thanks for the understanding :slightly_smiling_face: