Identification VKT & VOL


We’d like to make an aditional check in the annual reports in the “identificatiegegevens”. Is it possible to give us the result tag from the first “check”

=> Moeder- / dochteronderneming of lid van een consortium? Jaarrekening wordt uitgesloten van het MIC-model

When a value is true we want to make a standard “true” value on this question.



Hi Jonas, welcome back to the Silverfin community.

About your question, the result tag for that boolean input is: “no_mic_modal”

You can access to it like this:

{{ period.reconciliations.vkt_1.results.no_mic_modal }}

You may also want to assign a default value as false, in case the boolean has not been used yet. You will probably have something like this:

{% assign no_mic_modal = period.reconciliations.vkt_1.results.no_mic_modal | default:false %}

I hope this is useful,

Have a nice day!