Result tags : Identification details

Hi Team,

I’m trying to figure out the result tags to fetch the results of the following fields(snip) from the identification details templates, particularly the register of legal persons (Commercial court).

It works fine with: period.reconciliations.vkt_1.custom.court.type , however, it works only for the period where we have added/modified this field data, unable to fetch where we have not made changes in this field for other periods.

Thanks in advance and let me know if something is not clear or if you need more information.

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Hi @Nikhil

Currently there’s no result tag in place here.
I’ll check in with the team working on these templates if they can add a new result and will come back to you.

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Hi @Nikhil

A new result rpr_value was created for the register of legal persons (Commercial court) field.
Could you confirm that this is indeed containing the required data?

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