{% include "shared/be_general_data" %}


I’m trying to create a new template in which the user can select a certain curreny.
Looking at the template ‘Cash’, the options are huge but when I copy the code, I don’t get any choices.
I also get an error which is referring to ‘{% include “shared/be_general_data” %}’.

How do I access the general data?
What data does it hold? I suppose I need to access this data in order to select a currency?

Thank you in advance.

What we do sometimes is create a template that is a Questionnaire. And ask (with a dropdown option) what the currency is. I have included a snippit of our code below:

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Morning Henri-Louis,

Since be_general_data is a shared part from Silverfin, you can’t see the code directly in your environment. You can copy the following code in order to create that dropdown:

{% assign currency_codes = currency_codes | default:false %}

{% if currency_codes %}
{% endif %}

I hope that helps,


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@pgallagher @borjaGonzalez

Thank you both for the quick reponses!