Insights - check for attachments

We want to create a list of companies in insights based if there is an attachments in a specific field. It concerns the template “Inlichtingen omtrent de aangifte” and the attachments are as show below.

I’ve found the name of the input field (so I think) and these should be “SPECIFIC.INT_STAT_ACCOUNTS” and “SPECIFIC.GENERAL_MEETING”.
When I use thse fields in insights and then let it show all values then in my list I have these columns with brackets wich have a link to the template. So this let me think that I’m using the correct fieldnames.

I then put after the name “.documents” or “.documents.size” wich I thought would give me the number of documents that were uploaded, but then it show nothing.
So are these the correct fieldnames or is there another way to get the results I want?

Hi Peter, and apologies for the late reply.

Silverfin insights can only be generated based on results, not directly on the custom drops. For that reason, I have created a feature request to add those result tags for the input fields that you want to query.

We will let you know as soon as we have further information about this.

Kind regards,

Hi again @Peter,

I got some feedback, and it turns out that result tags are already available in the template.

In your case, you could use:

documents_selected_for_int_stat_accounts for “SPECIFIC.INT_STAT_ACCOUNTS”,
documents_selected_for_general_meeting for “SPECIFIC.GENERAL_MEETING”.