Liquid code to display 'Sync Type'


Is there any liquid code that displays the sync type of the current client? I.e. Sage50Desktop, Xero, XeroTB, Quickbooks Online…

We’re investigating creating a personal PowerBI dashboard for managers, with information on their clients on Silverfin. One check we’d like to undertake is whether a client who is logged with a particular accounting software has the appropriate sync, i.e. if a Xero client has a manual upload ‘sync type’, we would raise that to the manager.

If we can raise the ‘sync type’ in a permanent text document for a client, we can then easily return this in an API call to report on in Power BI.

An alternative angle to this question is from an API perspective… Perhaps: is there an end-point that would allow us to identify the ‘sync type’ of a particular client, OR an end-point that would allow us to query the results of a client segment report?

Many thanks