Lookup value for a picklist

Hi, I am trying to create a pick list (similar to choosing an account code) in a reconciliation but would like to pull the values for the picklist from another reconciliation. Is this possible?

Hi @James,

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To pull values from another reconciliation you can create a result there using a result-tag and access that in the other reconciliation. You can find some more information on result-tags in the Silverfin Developer Documentation here.

Feel free to reach out for any additional questions.

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Hi @Kimberly_Vlietinck,

Many thanks for your feedback. Do you know if this will work for an array(table/ list of values) which can then be fed into a picklist, or will the result option only bring back a single value?

Hi @James ,

It is possible to store an array in a result. You can find more information on that topic here as well: How to pull data from a reconciliation to appear next to each other on a different reconciliation

Kind regards,