Pulling data through Insights

Is it possible to pull data through onto insights without including it on a reconciliation.

e.g. I have a table on the transaction activity template i want to use coding to hide this table but still have the data on this table pull through on Insights.


Hi @Nazirarahman ,

I’m not sure why you would code a table and not show it?

In any case, it is always possible to call for results that are made in a reconciliation template. So you don’t have to actually show this particular value in your reconciliation template, as long as you put it into a result tag you will be able to access it through insights.

I hope this answers your question.

Kind regards,



I have used the nic code to build the table so it doesn’t show on the reconciliation.

I then assigned results to the parts i want to pull in Insight.

However, when i go onto Insight it only pulls the data if I remove the nic code.

Any idea what i’m doing wrong.


Hi Nazira,

Make sure to not put your result tags within IC or NIC tags, as this will limit you to call it from any other place like insights or other reconciliations.

Hope this helps,