Reconcilliation containing table but with 2 insights on (aligning text once right for numbers and once left for text)


We have a reconciliation that contains 2 insights. (2 tables to be aligned on each other)

On the first table we create an insight with dynamic amount of columns (you can add as many periods before the current period). Making the table resizing according its needs.

In the second part (a next insight) of the recon, we define in the same table that shows figures of the current period (no longer the prior periods). On each row of each insight a comment field is set to overrule validations if they would fail (clarification field). We keep this data in the same table so the current period of the first view is properly align with the current period of the second view.

Since a number needs a right align and a text need a left align, we would love to know if there is a possibility to do a left and right align in a table depending on the row ? (per row a different alignment for ex.)

Thanks in advance

Best regards

Ruben Moerman

Hi Ruben,

Unfortunately the alignment only applies to a specific column and not a row. In order to achieve what you want you would have to create a different table underneath. Something like this:

{% stripnewlines %}
{% comment %}Table 1{% endcomment %}
{% newline %}
| Text 1
| Text 2
{% newline %}
{% newline %}
{% comment %}Table 2{% endcomment %}
{% newline %}
| Number 1
| Number 2
{% endstripnewlines %}


Hi Borja,

Thank you for the reply

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Ruben Moerman