REQUEST: extra results from SF recon loans & leasings

hi there :wave: ,

I see that the available results from the Silverfin reconciliation (BE marketplace - partner id) Loans & Leasings only shows the following results:
Screen Shot 2020-06-20 at 15.02.05
but I actually would like to have access to the number generated for each year:

Could this be added pretty please? :pray: :smiley:

Thanks in advance!


Hello @FINIFY,

Sure thing - they have just been added and can now be accessed.
Here is an overview of the new data that is accessible from the reconciliation LEASINGEN_LENINGEN:

{% comment %}
    results to access the total numbers 
{% endcomment %}
{% result 'debts_more_than_1y' $2 %}
{% result 'debts_more_than_2y' $3 %}
{% result 'debts_more_than_3y' $4 %}
{% result 'debts_more_than_4y' $5 %}