Watermark on export

Is there any possibility to add a watermark on an export?

Hello @Thijs,

For now, there’s no option to add a watermark for every page.

you could however, add a PDF as a title page in your style or could even put a liquid-text as a footer for instance. Would that be an option for you?


Text in Header Text Nl was indeed my back-up plan. Where can you add text in the footer?

PDF as title page is just for the title page itself?

Indeed, the PDF is only for the title page @Thijs

For the header text: if you go to styles, click one and click on “advanced settings” you can see this :

You can add some Liquid in there (for instance

{% if period.accounts.assets-period.accounts.liabilities != 0 %}
This bundle is not definitive yet.
{% endif %}

Just an example of course.


I had already found the the header but not the footer as you mentioned above?

My apologies @Thijs, I meant the header (but for some reason I always say footer :roll_eyes: )

So you only have an option to do something in the header.

you could also add something in the detail.text however (it’s where all the details are rendered).

I hope you see something as a workaround for you?