Where to find code examples for outlining text in documents

Hi, im just starting out on the code of silverfin.
First up is title page.
I want 2 fields more downward on the page & centered. Which code could i add?

| <br><br>{{company.name}}<br>{{period.name}}```


And I did something wrong to end codesnippet as well it seems :slight_smile:

Hi @Aralt and welcome to the Silverfin Community!

To format text in a way you would like to see it, you can display information between the {% stripnewlines %}/{% endstripnewlines %} tags. In that case you will be able to create a table in liquid.

The next step would be to add a table definition, i.e. the width of each column of your table. Here you can also set the alignment of your text. The text is automatically aligned to the left. In case you want to center it or move to the right side of the page, you can use the following code:

|-------- (left align)
|--------:(right align)

To be able to move information slightly downward, you can add an extra row that will not contain any information in it. You can try something like that:

{% stripnewlines %}
{% newline %}
{% newline %}
|{{ company.name }}
{% newline %}
|{{ period.end_date |%Y }}
{% endstripnewlines %}

It is also possible to use an indentation to markdown on a page or in a table. For more information, please have a look at Silverin Developer’s webpage.

If you want to display part of the code, you can add three quotes ``` at the beginning and at the end of the code. More information on how to past code in a community post is available here.

Let us know if that works for you.