Add reviewer and review date to the report


I want to add the name of the reviewer and the review date to my insights report.
I’ve tried the code below, but the name does not appear.


It is a template we made ourselves. Below you can find the code in the template ‘Checklist WCO’

Hi Sylvia,

Best would be to add this value to a result and call this result in ‘Toelichting data’ in the insights query.

Kind regards,


Hi Gary

That is in the template, not in the report.

Hi Sylvia,

Here you can find an explanation of the workings of the insights report here. There is a section on “Toelichting data”.

We also have a masterclass on this topic that you can find here.

Have you tried putting the name of the reviewer in a result tag in the template and then call it in the report?