How to make a calculation in the template

I have created a new export. But there is still a mistake.

The intention is that the value in A should be processed in B.
the calculation should be the following:
B= (71.697,85-A)/(214.166,80-A)x100

Can someone help me with that?

Hi @michel ,

without a code snippet it’s hard to give some specific advise, but your code can look like this:

... uit te keren van {% input custom.waarde.dividend as:currency %}
De solvabiliteit bedraag (X - {{ custom.waarde.dividend | currency }})/(Y - {{ custom.waarde.dividend | currency }}) * 100 == {{ (x-custom.waarde.dividend)/(y-custom.waarde.dividend)*100 | percentage }}

More info on the sprint syntax can be found here.

Kind regards,