Mutually exclusive

Is there a way to provide two input options that should be mutually exclusive?

For instance:

Input option A as boolean
Input option B as boolean

If I select option A, option B should be disselected and vice versa.

Hi Warde,

Perhaps a drop-down list can help you out with that:

{% input custom.some.thing as:select options:'optionA|optionB' %}

Is this what you’re looking for?

Thanks Jelle,

It’s not really what I am looking for, but it can indeed do the same thing.

What I like is this:
O Option A
O Option B

with the possibility to select only one of these options.

But as this seems not possible, the drop-down list seems a good work-around, tx.

Hi Warde,

A radio button is something which is currently not available.
Only (work-around) solution in such cases, is to use the drop-down list.