Starting changing a template

Beginners question: how do I make changes to a template? I would like to make some changes to “Verslag Algemene Vergadering”

Hello @Sandra,

I’ve relocated your post to Templates, if you don’t mind .

To start with a template, it’s best that you go to office level ( “kantoorniveau”) and copy the whole code of your template (just click on the template and you’ll see the code in the grey area; you can just copy that but make sure you copy everything of the grey area).

If you copied it, you can then go to a file (“dossierniveau”), go to Documents section and add a text template but be sure to select ‘empty text’: in there, you can paste your copied code and save it.

You’ll see, after you’ll save it, you’ll see the output of the code. Difference is, you now have the option to edit this template in the file, and start testing.

If anything is unclear, feel free to post your questions and your code in the Community.

Also, not a bad idea to start here too.

Good luck

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