API Latest Changes

v4.1.28 (03/03/2022)

  • Remove api v3 documentation
  • Formally document Silverfin’s policy regarding API changes
  • Explicitly document that Silverfin does not perform throttling for outbound webhooks

v4.1.29 (30/03/2022)

  • Add endpoint to fetch Firm workflows:

    • GET /v4/f/:firm_id/firm_workflows lists all active (non-archived) workflows installed in the Firm
  • Add endpoint to add a workflow into a company based on a partner workflow, or on a firm workflow:

    • POST /v4/f/:firm_id/companies/:company_id/add_workflow?partner_workflow_id=:partner_workflow_id will add the specified partner workflow to the company. Note: the partner workflow must already be installed in the Firm. This is only a Firm-to-Company workflow installation.
    • POST /v4/f/:firm_id/companies/:company_id/add_workflow?firm_workflow_id=:firm_workflow_id will add the specified firm workflow to the company.

v4.1.30 (13/04/2022)

  • Add created_at and updated_at timestamp fields to
    • GET /v4/f/:firm_id/companies/:company_id/periods/:period_id/reconciliations

v4.1.31 (18/04/2022)

  • Deprecate Workflow Progress API endpoint, it will be removed on June 1, 2022.
    • GET /v4/f/:firm_id/companies/:company_id/periods/:period_id/workflows/:workflow_id/progress

Document existing behaviour (22/04/2022)

  • Document Remark and Comment endpoints parameter limitations:
    • remark and comment text must not mention a non-existing user (via @username), otherwise request will return an error.

v4.2.0 (02/05/2022)

  • Remove deprecated User attribute receive_digest_emails (superseded by email_notifications_frequency).

v4.2.1 (04/05/2022)

  • Add endpoint to run a Liquid test:
    • POST /v4/f/:firm_id/reconciliations/test will initiate running a Liquid test on the given template attributes and Liquid tests (in YAML format). It returns the ID of the test run (it will run asynchronously).
  • Add endpoint to fetch the results of a test run given its ID:
    • GET /v4/f/:firm_id/reconciliations/test_runs/:id returns the status of the test run and the test results if it succeeded or the error message in cases of failure.

v4.2.2 (23/05/2022)

  • Add endpoint to get all people of a company:
    • GET /v4/f/:firm_id/companies/:company_id/all_people

Important notice (06/06/2022)

Today we are announcing an upcoming policy change concerning refresh tokens. So far,
refresh tokens remained valid indefinitely, although they could only be used once to obtain a new
access token / refresh token pair. Over time, this has led to an accumulation of a large number of
unused refresh tokens, which increased the potential attack surface against Silverfin and our
customers’ data.

In keeping with best security practices, we will limit refresh tokens’ lifetime to 60 days, regardless
of whether they’ve been used or not. As before, refresh tokens will be revoked after they are used once
to obtain a new access token / refresh token pair. If all of your application’s refresh tokens expire,
you will need to go through the OAuth flow anew to obtain a new pair of valid tokens.

This change will go into effect on August 9, 2022. Based on an overview of our API usage patterns, we
don’t expect any of our API partners to be affected by this change as they obtain new tokens much more
frequently than every 60 days. Nevertheless, if you have any questions or concerns about this, please
contact us at api@getsilverfin.com.

v4.3.0 (06/06/2022)

  • Remove deprecated endpoint:
    • GET /v4/f/:firm_id/companies/:company_id/periods/:period_id/workflows/:workflow_id/progress

v4.3.1 (13/06/2022)

  • Extend company custom endpoint to accept values other than just String:
    • POST /v4/f/:firm_id/companies/:company_id/custom

v4.3.2 (11/07/2022)

  • Support Document as Remark owner:
    • POST /v4/f/:firm_id/companies/:company_id/periods/:period_id/remarks

v4.3.3 (20/07/2022)

  • Add marketplace template information on mapping lists:
    • GET /v4/f/:firm_id/account_mapping_lists

v4.3.4 (25/08/2022)

  • Add year_end attribute to Companies:
    • GET /v4/f/:firm_id/companies

v4.3.5 (29/08/2022)

  • Expose and receive field externally_managed on reconciliations endpoints. When set to true the reconciliation will only be able to be edited via the API and not via the web interface.
  • Expose tests, virtual_account_number, reconciliation_type, public, allow_duplicate_reconciliations, is_active on reconciliations endpoints. These will also be editable but only if externally_managed is true.

v4.3.6 (30/09/2022)

  • Expose firm workflows and the default firm workflow for company templates, if type=full is added to the request
    • GET /v4/f/:firm_id/company_templates?type=full

v4.3.9 (15/11/2022)

  • Added GET /v4/f/:firm_id/companies/:company_id/periods/:period_id/workflows/:workflow_id/status to read a workflow status

v4.4.0 (7/12/2022)

  • Added the starred field in the response of the GET /v4/f/:firm_id/companies/:company_id/periods/:period_id/accounts/:account_id endpoint, indicating whether the account is starred in the given period

  • Added GET /v4/f/:firm_id/companies/:company_id/periods/:period_id/accounts endpoint

    • the response of this endpoint has the same structure as GET /v4/f/:firm_id/companies/:company_id/periods/:period_id/accounts/:account_id, but returns values for all accounts in the Company.
  • Extended POST /v4/f/:firm_id/companies/:company_id/periods/:period_id/accounts/:account_id endpoint to accept a starred parameter

    • if set to true, the account will be starred in the given period and all future periods
    • if set to false, the account will be unstarred in the given period

v4.4.1 (15/12/2022)

  • Expose the sign markers and results of the export file instance (GET /v4/f/:firm_id/companies/:company_id/periods/:period_id/export_file_instances/:export_file_instance_id)

  • Allow attaching an export file instance while creating a new permanent document (POST /v4/f/:firm_id/companies/:company_id/permanent_documents)

  • Expose the sign markers and results of the permanent document through the associated export file instance (GET /v4/f/:firm_id/companies/:company_id/permanent_documents/:permanent_document_id)

v4.4.2 (15/12/2022)

  • Added POST "/v4/f/:firm_id/reconciliations" to create a new reconciliation on a firm

  • Added DELETE "/v4/f/:firm_id/reconciliations/:reconciliation_id" to delete a reconciliation from a firm

  • Added DELETE "/v4/f/:firm_id/companies/:company_id/periods/:period_id/reconciliations/:reconciliation_id/custom" to delete a custom property from a reconciliation

  • Added DELETE "/v4/f/:firm_id/shared_parts/:shared_part_id" to delete a shared part from a firm