API Latest Changes

v4.4.3 (10/10/2022)

  • Changed GET "/v4/f/:firm_id/companies/#{company.id}/periods/#{ledger.id}/reconciliations/#{reconciliation.id} to accept a locale option that is taken into account to return the reconciliation in the requested language.

v4.4.4 (7/02/2023)

  • Changed POST "/v4/f/:firm_id/companies to accept company_type, first_name, last_name, national_insurance_number when creating a personal income tax file. company_type should be personal for personal files

v4.4.5 (15/02/2022)

  • Added POST "/v4/f/:firm_id/companies/#{company.id}/periods to create an empty period.

v4.4.6 (18/02/2022)

  • The endpoint POST "/v4/f/:firm_id/companies/#{company.id} now accepts first_name, last_name, national_insurance_number parameters, to update these fields for personal files.

v4.4.7 (28/02/2023)

  • Added optional active parameter to the GET /v3/f/:firm_id/companies/:company_id/users endpoint, returning all users when not specified, only active users when true and only inactive users when false.

v4.4.8 (15/03/2023)

  • Allow html render to be returned with the template attribute html_render=true in the liquid test POST /v4/f/:firm_id/reconciliations/test endpoint

v4.4.11 (26/06/2023)

  • Expose adjustment.posted_at field on all /v4/f/{root_firm_id}/companies/{company_id}/periods/{period_id}/financials/adjustments* endpoints response payload

v4.4.12 (27/06/2023)

  • Added account_type_computed boolean value to GET /v4/f/{root_firm_id}/companies/{company_id}/accounts and GET /v4/f/{root_firm_id}/companies/{company_id}/accounts endpoints. The value will be false if

    • The account type was provided by the bookkeeping system.
    • It was provided when the account was created via the API
    • A user manually updated the account type via the UI.

v4.4.15 (24/07/2023)

  • Added description string optional field to GET /v4/f/{root_firm_id}/companies/{company_id}/transactions endpoint

v4.4.19 (07/08/2023)

  • Add externally_managed field to shared_parts endpoints. When it’s set to true the shared parts are not allowed to be edited via the web interface, only via API.

v4.4.22 (04/09/2023)

  • Add marketplace_template_id value to GET /api/v4/f/{root_firm_id}/reconciliations
    and GET /api/v4/f/{root_firm_id}/reconciliations/{reconciliation_id} endpoints.

v4.4.25 (13/10/2023)

  • New webhook event types added (export.created and export.destroyed)
  • GET /v4/f/{root_firm_id}/companies/{company_id}/periods/{period_id}/export_pdf_instances/{export_pdf_instance_id} payload extended with user info (user field) - same payload is now sent on newly added webhook events.

v4.4.26 (20/11/2023)

  • Make API company custom properties trigger webhooks