Values turns into links

Hi Community,

Some of the values turns into links (blue below) and I wonder if someone knows why this happens? Is there a browser who is recommended to use when working in SF?


Hi Emmy,

Links only work when you use the filter currency or currency_dc. See the example below:

{% assign my_accounts = period.accounts | range:'1,2' %}

{{ my_accounts | currency }}
{{ my_accounts | currency_dc }}
{{ my_accounts | integer }}

The output for the above will be:


Maybe you are using my_accounts.value which does not populate the hyperlink.

Hope that helps,

Hi Borja,

Thanks, I see what you mean there.

I was a bit unclear, I actually do not want a link and that it is not a link to the account or Silverfin-related.

The Swedish version creates (blue) links of some values. This is not a Silverfin-link leading anywhere in the platform, and it could be related to my browser rather than SF. Clicking the link leads to my browser asking if I want to (among other options) send an e-mail to this value.

In the English version, this does not happen.

Feel free to send me an e-mail if you want me to show it in realtime!


Hi Emmy,

Let’s discuss this on our next call as I haven’t been able to replicate the issue.